Yesterday I was deploying this website to my server on Oracle Cloud, but I tried so many times of applying the SSL permission with BTPanel and the server broke down every time. It toke tons of time and annoyed me.

Even though the BTPanel is an excellent tool, but it seems that it couldn’t work when it meets Oracle Cloud. So after a few tries, I decided to find a new panel to deal with this problem.


After my searches, I find a panel developed by Chinese group named mdserver-web panel, which is so similar to the BTPanel.

The developer said that this panel is based on BTPanel and just do a little change.

To set a website with this panel, Firstly we need to install this panel. With different systems, enter this command to the terminal and wait a few minutes about 12m or so.

curl --insecure -fsSL https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/midoks/mdserver-web@latest/scripts/install.sh | bash

This command will match your VPS’s system automatically and what you need to do is just waiting!

After installing, don’t forget to open the ports I had written on the last note.(Like the BTPanel)


The only difference between this panel and BTPanel is that the plugins, this panel use the plugins much smaller like OpenResty not Nginx, but it has the enough abilities to construct our own websites.


In this example, I find the mdserver-web has a better experience then BTPanel, and I would like to choose this panel more in the future